Welcome To Angel Comics

The Mission of Angel Comics

Angel Comics was born under the light of a simple idea, to bring strong, dynamic stories and artistry for the masses to enjoy and adopt as their own. Through powerful, timeless comics with visual intensity, we strive to grow with the hearts of our readers, immersing them into worlds and characters that relate directly to the world around us and the human condition. Our blend of courage, integrity, and captivating tales will enable those who open our covers to live and express their innermost fantasies, and become lost in the action throughout our pages.

Each individual's strong beliefs, beautiful cultural differences, and quirks that make each one of us unique are the building blocks of our company. With the infusion of human flaws, bravery, technology, genetics, and beings that are utterly supernatural, we are able to create throughout a broad spectrum of genres, allowing others to express themselves through their independence. Our ultimate goal is to establish new, original doorways and blaze alternative outlets, leading to more options for artists and fans alike. Our direction is to not only carve out a foundation of stone for our company to stand on, but provide a strong foothold for others who wish to bring their creations to the world. With faith in God and humanity, all things are possible with vision and initiative.

Mikah 1mini The Future of Comics is NOW!!!

Angel Comics is reinventing the cutting edge of the new comic industry! Our goal is to create new and exciting products to capture the imaginations of readers of all ages. We offer top quality products such as high-quality comics, art books, novels, and graphic design to the general public. Look for new additions of Rod's work every day, he is constantly working hard for his fans, and we have a few more surprises in store for all of you this year!













 Here is a Pencil piece for the Star Wars Awakens Contest and my new art collection...Enjoy.